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Our Story

Our founder is Douglas McFarlane, CEO of Lomond Yachts, who wanted to bring the experience of a yacht show online.

At a yacht show, it’s all about the people interaction, connecting clients with architects, interior designers with product suppliers, and getting clarity and expertise from legal and financial experts. By bringing people together online we can ensure we continue to connect and collaborate as an industry.

In 2023, we are launching a TV streaming service to showcase the best products and services on Amazon Fire and a wide range of other channels.

Working with the best

We encourage and embrace professionalism in all aspects of the industry and expect others to as well. It’s a proud community with many continuing the journey of their parents and ancestors. Teamwork is critical in all aspects of the industry, and we ensure collaboration is used to our advantage.

Super Efficient

Responding in a timely manner with extensive details on all subject matters related to Superyachts.

Deeply Committed

Often working weekends, evenings and around the clock to support clients.

Highly Skilled

From experience Captain’s to the best architects in the business, we’re proud to be part of a competent team.

Requirements analysis

We listen carefully to your requirements and work closely with experts to meet your needs.

Negotiation and closing

We’re with you each step of the way, and ensure the best legal and financial support

Fun and adventure

Let’s not forget it’s not just a business transaction. We ensure enough time is invested in the experience.