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At Superyachters, we’re always keen to expand and grow business opportunities and meet new clients. To do this we are always open to referrals from individuals who are aware of potential yacht buyers, or charters, or those who you’ve seen on social media who are keen on finding a yacht broker. Obviously we’d want to ensure our parent company Lomond Yachts, were first on the list of those. We will work with shipyards, owners and brokers around the globe and ensure we support the person you refer to us until completion. We will ensure they are looked after in a respectful and professional manner and we are able to offer them a selection of yachts to meet their requirements, as well as additional connections to financial, insurance, design, survey and legal experts from our London partnerships.

How do you become an affiilate ?

It’s simple. You direct clients to register with us while adding in your email address on the link. Most social media translates the long link anyway, so your email address will be hidden. You could also use shortened link functions like If you prefer, you can simply send us a code word that you will use instead consisting of at least 8 letters or numbers and we will put that in your file. You could also direct the client to enter your name, but in case that may not happen using your email address or code will ensure we track it correctly.

You are also welcome to use our links on social media to showcase some of the potential yachts for charter which may also be for sale depending on the time of requesting. Lastly, if you’re more technical and have your own website, you can use the images and banner adverts below and include your personalised register link when they click. There are several sized banner adverts and the smaller one’s will look better when downloaded (just right-click and save-as).

What’s the REGISTER link ?

What’s the reward for a successful sale after referral ?

Well, it’s likely to be 5 or 6 figures, depending on the size and price of the yacht for sale. For charters it’s significantly less. So let’s get going. We’ll keep you posted if we receive a referral with your email address or code, and advise you at that time of the likely outcome.

Can I use branded images ?

Here the links to some of the top SuperYachts for charter which you may use but always remember to add your personalised register link in the commentary as these links will not pass the referral code on, only the register link will do that. The urls can only be used as links and no copying of the images are approved. If you want to use images, those below the links you may copy and use on other platforms providing you do not edit.